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The Perdigões Archaeological Complex is located at the southwest end of Herdade dos Perdigões, about 1 km north of the city of Reguengos de Monsaraz, district of Évora, in the interior of the Alentejo region.

Coordinates: 380 26’ 25.71’’N – 70 32’ 51.22’’O

The site is located in a natural theatre open to the east at the western end of Ribeira de Vale do Álamo valley. Two-thirds of the archaeological complex is owned by Esporão SA. while the remaining third (south side) is divided by several owners.

The Perdigões Archaeological Complex is classified as a National Monument (Decree no. 2/2019, DR, 1st series, no. 19, of 01/28/2019), with a Special Protection Zone (ZEP) (Ordinance No. 183/2019, DR, 2nd series, No. 42, of February 28, 2019).