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The geophysical prospecting of the Perdigões enclosures was carried out by Helmut Becker in 2009, in the scope of the collaboration with the University of Malaga in the Perdigões Global Program for Archaeological Research – INARP. It was completed in 2010, with the prospecting of the cromlech zone at the eastern end of the enclosures, as part of the NIA-ERA project on ditch enclosures in southern Portugal.

The methodology used was magnetometry, namely a Geometrics G-858G caesium magnetometer in a non-compensated measurement area of two bands of the magnetic field with a sensitivity of 20 pT (Picotesla) at a 10 Hz cycle (10 measurements per second), with two parallel sensors in two bands with a 0.5 m gap between them.

Since then, the magnetogram has served to define the research and planning goals of archaeological interventions.

Bibliography: Márquez Romero et al. 2011; Valera 2018