Tell me what you see: Late deposition of an atypical metallic artefact in Perdigões”, by Ana Catarina Basílio e António Carlos Valera, presents the deposition of a deformed metallic piece in the re-cutting of Ditch 7 in the Complex of Ditched enclosures of Perdigões. The filling of this reopening was done with the accumulation of a great set of stones, on top of which this elongated and serrated metal element of atypical typology was identified. This piece, due to the absence of direct parallels in the national territory, allows to discuss not only typological and terminological questions, in face of its formal distance from the Palmela points/arrowheads or the tanged daggers. At the same time allows to think about its biography (presence of a serrated edge and distortion), contextual and chronological insertion, being noted a recurrence of certain types of late depositions in Perdigões, as is the case of this re-cutting in Ditch 7, dated from the third quarter of the 3rd millennium BC.