Victoria Priola

A doctoral project, developed by Victoria Priola, will include a study of weaving elements from the Perdigões Archaeological Complex. This project focuses on changes to textile tools and textile production practices between the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Ages in southern Iberia. Victoria Priola is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at the University of Iowa (USA). Her research is aimed at investigating the relationship between textile production and sociopolitical change through a formal and experimental study of textile tools from a range of archaeological sites, including the site of Perdigões. This project will analyze the large collection of weaving elements from the central area of Perdigões, sector Q, to explore how diachronic changes to these tools relate to changes in production practices and larger social shifts. This study is funded by a T. Anne Cleary International Research Fellowship form the University of Iowa and will be developed in collaboration with the Perdigões Archaeological Research Program and ERA Archeology.