The Perdigões Archaeological Complex, recently classified as a National Monument, has been under ongoing investigation for 25 years by the Global Archaeological Research Program (INARP) coordinated by ERA Arqueologia through its R&D area (NIA – Núcleo de Investigacão Arqueológica). Within the scope of this investigation, several collaborations have been made with national and international institutions and researchers, which resulted in numerous published studies and academic works, which embody the policy of openness and collaboration that the project has always assumed since the beginning.

The great complexity that Perdigões have revealed, as well as their high density of occupation over a long chronology, stretching from the end of the Middle Neolithic to the beginning of the Bronze Age, and their continued investigation for a quarter of a century produced an impressive mass of empirical data to be worked on, something that can only be done through collaborative work.

In this sense, the project now opens a new path for external collaborations, making available for study certain collections of materials, still unpublished and contextualized, which have resulted from the research process and ongoing projects.

Information on collections and procedures can be found here: