In July 2021, the 24th excavation campaign of the Global Research Program in the Perdigões Archaeological Complex (25th if we count on the 1997 diagnostic intervention – a quarter of a century, therefore) will take place between 5 and 31 July. This year we will continue with a reduced team due to the pandemic, but we will have a first presence of members of a team from the University of Kiel, which will continue a collaboration started two years ago with a sampling for palynological studies. In this campaign, the work of the Era Arqueologia team will focus on the central area, focused on the excavation of the great “cairn” of stones from the end of the 3rd millennium BC that culminates the stratigraphic sequence that overlaps the notable “timber circle” recently discovered in this area. As has been usual in recent years, we will report on the progress of the works, which can be visited (between 12 and 23 July, with prior contact to Era Arqueologia).



Structure (cairn) to be excavated in 2021.