A new PhD project, developed by Cláudia Relvado, takes Perdigões as one of the major contexts of research. The project is focused on the study of childhood, namely breastfeeding, and weaning, allowing anthropological and chemical analyses to be related to socio-culturally distinct periods. Cláudia Relvado is an Archaeology PhD student at the University of Algarve (Portugal). The project, “The Holy Tooth”, is funded by FCT/ICArEHB PhD fellowship (UI/BD/150807/2020). She is developing research on diet, health, and mobility in Portuguese Neolithic/Chalcolithic populations. Her focus of study is on non-adults and how socio-economic, socio-cultural, and demographic changes may have affected them. For this purpose, among others, samples from Tomb 3 and Tomb 4 of Perdigões will be used. Research to be developed in collaboration with the Perdigões Archaeological Research Program – INARP, coordinated by NIA-ERA Arqueologia.