The second volume of the Perdigões Monográfica series, published by NIA-ERA, is now available. This volume is dedicated to Sepulchre 4, a tholos dated from the third quarter of the 3rd millennium BC. It features a presentation of the monument’s architecture, as well as of its stages of use and reuse, votive materials, absolute dates and isotopic results of diets and mobility, bio-anthropological study of human remains and zoo-archaeological study of faunal remains, and their integration in the context of funerary practices in Perdigões and in the Alentejo countryside during the Chalcolithic and transition to the Bronze Age. António Carlos Valera, Ana Catarina Basílio, Lucy Evangelista, Ricardo Godinho, Nelson Almeida, Rachel Wood, Cristina Dias and Anne-France Maurer contributed to this volume.

The download can be made here: